What are the Ministry Teams?

  • Worship Arts Team Leader

  • Awaken Kids Adventure Club (AKA Club)

  • Campus Crew (college)

  • Hype Team (hospitality/follow-up)

  • Ninja Ops Team

What do the Ministry Teams do?

  • Serve others according to your passions, talents & giftedness.

  • Meet as needed to plan and carry out the ministry of the church.

  • Commit to serve for 6 months at a time (Jan-Jun, July-Dec).

  • Let Team leader know ahead of time when you are unable to serve as scheduled.

  • Work together with every other Ministry Team to carry out the ministry of the church according to the vision of the church.

How do I join a Ministry Team?

  • Express interest: Mark "Ministry Teams" on the Awaken Connections Card.

  • Meet with the Team Leader to determine the best fit for you to serve out of your passions.

  • Show up, give input, ask questions.